We provide integrated and strategic legal services in each of the main business segments, i.e. Operations, Finance, Human Resources and Sales & Marketing.

We combine extensive legal knowledge with a solid understanding of what drives a business as a whole. Because we assess your enterprise with a birds eye view and know how each of the business segments work together, we can provide integrated, effective and cost efficient legal solutions for your business.

We provide the legal underpinning of strategic and operational plans for a variety of businesses. As team members, we play a pivotal role in negotiations on mergers & acquisitions, commercial contracts, business integration, reorganizations, outsourcing of production and service facilities, entering into joint-ventures and reverse mergers. We work for entrepreneurs and business that want to realize their ambitions.

Where necessary we will use the intervention of a court or arbitration panel to strengthen the business' position, always keeping the interest of the business and its key stakeholders in mind.





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